Our aeronautical branche first obtained official approval in 1975. In the year 1994 our company was additionally approved as a JAR-145 Maintenance company.

The conversion to an EASA Part-145 approved Maintenance company followed in 2004, approval no. DE.145.0096.

Our facilitiy at the Dattenberg base comprises of a maintenance and a stock area of over 1300 square meter.

Our team consists of twelve technicians and testpilots with Type Ratings for the helicopter fleet we operate.



Our services

  • Line and Base Maintenance
  • Component overhaul and maintenance
  • Spare parts distribution

for the following aircraft types:

  • Hughes/Schweizer 269 A, B, C, C-1
  • Hughes/MDHC 369, D, E, HE, HS
  • MDHC 500N
  • AS 350 B, BA, B1, B2, B3
  • EC 120 B
  • Robinson R22 / R44 / R66

Our locations

  • Dattenberg
  • Teuge
  • Gandekersee
  • Essen-Mülheim
  • Saffig
  • Landshut